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Studio Policy

Customer Care

Tropical Studio is a customer service oriented establishment and strives to please all clients with 100% satisfaction. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with services provided for any reason, please inform your technician and/or check out personnel before leaving. Also if there is a problem after, please give us a call. We are very understanding. We will gladly make every effort to resolve any problems within a reasonable time. Sorry, after receiving payment, there are no currency refunds.

We provide quality express services in a timely manner. Every client is a case by case, meaning that we offer a fast and friendly service for an affordable price but we will not rush on any client or situation. 

We are always under surveillance for the safety of the business and for the promotion of salon. Photographs/ Videos may be taken with permission before service.

·We will explain any service process as well as maintenance.

·Tropical Studio is not responsible for sensitive scalp, tenderness, abrasions, or sore due to braids or weaving process. Tightness, discomfort, burning sensation, or severe pain that may result in hair loss and bald spots is uncommon. You must return to Tropical Studio immediately if dicomforting occurs for weave or braid removal. If it feels to tight while getting your hair done, please let us know during the process. 

Clients should notify our staff on any medical condition that may affect your service. Clients with health concerns should not be left unsupervised.

All of our products are safe and is professional good quality. All equipment is thoroughly disinfected before each use.

·If you are not being serviced, you should wait in the waiting area.

·Tropical Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

·Inappropriate language and behavior is prohibited.

·God bless the children we love as our own.....but we like it better when they're left at home. Many guest look forward to their salon experience as personal pampering time, unless they are being serviced we do not allow children in the salon. Thank you for understanding.

·No pets are allowed.  


No extra people allowed.

·No refunds or credits. Payments are paid in full prior to or at time of service. We have a card machine to also accept payments. 

Service prices DO NOT include the cost of hair.

No refunds on hair. We are not responsible for brought-in hair from elsewhere. If purchased from Tropical Hair and the hair is shedding or tangling badly, please contact us immediately for an exchange. 

Our weave application process may take 2-4 hours depending on services.
We cannot rush but we guarantee that we are prompt in ensuring less wait time as

We are working with a double tracking technique instead of single tracking. You will still have the same result! If you prefer single tracking, there is an additional charge. The stylist will inform you of any additional charges.

Your natural hair must be shampooed and blow dried before any service is provided.

We can shampoo and blow dry your hair for an extra charge.

Payment Methods


Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments

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